Megan’s grandmother, Margaret, was an Ayliff. Meg, as she was called, was the sixth child and fifth daughter of Edwin Horace Samuel Ayliff and Charlotte Louisa Marshall. The family connections can be found here. The banner shows four generations of Ayliffs. Rev. John Ayliff and (far right) his wife Jane Catherine Dold. The Honourable Jonathan Ayliff and his wife, Susannah Martha Wood. Edwin Horace Samuel Ayliff and his wife, Charlotte Louisa “Louie” Marshall. And, in the centre, Horace and Louie with their children and Aunt Sarah Ann. Meg is on the far right behind Aunt Sarah Ann.

Ayliff Stories


The reminiscences of Megan’s great uncle, Harold Ayliff (1898-1962), coupled with photographs from his sister, Charlotte’s (1892-1967), album. The words provide context for the photos. The photos provide colour for the words even though they are black and white.

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