The Marshalls of Glengallan

Megan’s great-great grandparents, Charles Henry Marshall and his wife Charlotte Augusta Dring Drake, were associated with Glengallan Station from 1849 until 1904. The construction of the current homestead was begun in 1867 by their partner John Deuchar. The banner presents modern views from that homestead towards the East; the drawing room as it was prepared for the building’s 150th anniversary dinner; and some Marshall silver spoons presented to the historic trust by Megan on that occassion. The second image shows the historic woolshed with Mount Marshall behind it. The woolshed has, sadly, collapsed since this photograph was taken and only a small portion remains.


Glengallan is located on the New England Highway between Warwick and Allora, Darling Downs, Queensland. More information can be found here:

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Who were the Marshalls?

Extended initial draft for speech at the 150th anniversary dinner.

Old Glengallan in pictures

Sketches by Conrad Martens from 1851/52 and paintings by Henry Grant Lloyd from 1871 showing Glengallan and the surrounding area. Also a painting by Charlotte Marshall of the homestead in June 1858.

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