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The banner shows Stanley and Circular Head, Tasmania; Glengallan Station with Mount Marshall, Darling Downs, Queensland; Totnes, Devon from the castle; Glengallan Homestead on the night of its 150th anniversary celebration.

Welcome to Down Rabbit Holes.

The site is called Down Rabbit Holes because Megan has been fascinated by family history for many years and the process of finding out who is who, what they did, where they did it and who they knew is much like exploring a rabbit warren.

The Posts page presents our blogs on subjects of interest involving our families and our investigations into them.

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The Marshall, Drake, Ayliff and Stevens pages contain links to more extensive, detailed articles requiring more space than is sensible in a blog. They also contain links to other sites and external material – some prepared and published there by Megan.

Glengallan Jacklin 1972

Glengallan Homestead

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