The Drake Bible

The Drake Family Bible was printed in 1747 (M DCC XLVII) by Thomas Baskett of Oxford. It is a lovely old book, beautifully bound in leather and appears to have been acquired by the Drake Family in 1749.

As was common, the fore and aft pages of the Bible were used to record the births, marriages and deaths of succeeding generations. The Bible appears to have been re-bound c1948, but the fore pages have detached and have suffered damage around the edges because they have been sticking out past the covers.

The owners of the Bible appear to have been:

Owner Birth Death
Philip Drake Unknown 20 June 1760
Littleham Devon
Dr. John Drake
Oldest son
11 December 1743
Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth, Devon
26 December 1797
Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth, Devon
Commissary General John Drake
Oldest surviving son
11 November 1782
Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth, Devon
24 June 1867
Regents Park, London
Lt. Col. John Minshull Drake
Oldest son
21 May 1807
Sandgate, Kent
6 July 1861
Danapur, Bihar, India
Reginald “Reggie” Drake
Oldest surviving son
16 June 1844
Berhampore, Bengal, India
24 June 1904
Surbiton Hill, Surrey
Lt. Col. Reginald John Drake DSO
Oldest son
2 February 1876
Mozufferpore, Bengal, India
15 February 1948
Bournemouth, Dorset
John Barnard “Bar” Drake
Oldest son
1 September 1912
Paddington, Middlesex
August 1993
Chichester, Sussex

Bar Drake did not have any children. On his death, the Bible passed to his wife, Elizabeth Stafford Cothay, and, on her death in 2010, it passed to a friend. The friend sold the Bible and other family memorabilia to an antique dealer who, seeking a suitable home for the material, approached us via the web site.

The places of birth and death of the owners give some indication of where the Bible may have travelled.

The genealogical information recorded in the Bible is very interesting and invaluable to anyone researching the Drake family. The records are presented below along with transcripts. There is a fair bit of repetition. Some appear to be by later generations repeating earlier information with additional information. Some appear to be attempts to record the content of the deteriorating front pages at the back of the book.

The book

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Bible Bible
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The records

14 Bible Insert 01

John Drake was married at Bloomsbury Church, London Decbr 7th
1805 to Maria Story – their issue are as follows –

John Minshull Drake was born at Sandgate, Kent May 31st 1807.

William Henry their Son born at Brighton JanY 29th 1809.
and Died there the 11th of April following –

William Henry Born at Coimbra (Portugal) Sept 28th 1812.
the above commonly called Henry –

Caroline Drake born in Great Coram Street (London)
June 12th 1816 –

Charlotte Augusta in Percy Street (London) April 30th 1818 –

Caroline & Charlotte were Christined at St Georges Bloomsy

Maria Harriet was born at Hampstead Jany 17th 1821 –

The above named William Henry Drake
was married at Perth, Swan River
Australia, to Louisa Purkies, Daughter
of James Purkis, Esquire of the same
Colony, September 23rd 1833. –

John, their Son, was born there 15th
September 1834. –

Maria Louisa Maria their daughter was born there 18th July 1836. –

Charlotte Augusta Dring Drake their second Daughter was
born at Albany, King George’s Sound, Western
Australia; on the 10th March 1838. –

Laura Mary; born at Perth, Swan River 1st June 1843 –

Emily Caroline; born at Perth, Swan River, 28th Feby 1845 –

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15 Bible Insert 02

John Minshull Drake married 22nd May 1838
at St Leonard’s Church, Exeter, Caroline Grimes
(daughter of Capt Grimes of H.M. Horse Artillery)
born in Exeter 1 10 Novr 1812.

Their issue

Alfred Edwin born at Delhi 19 Augst 1840 & died
there 7 Augst 1841 –

Alice born at Delhi 20th Augst 1841

Lucy born at Barrackpore 21 April 1843

Reginald born at Berhampore 16 June 1844

Dennys born at Lucknow 25 April 1846

The above Caroline Drake died at Landour
3rd April 1848 after giving birth to a Son –

John Minshull Drake married secondly
Margaret McLean widow of the Lieut Dring
their issue are

Emlyn Augusta born at Lahore May 1st 1857

Edith Maria born at Lahore 23rd Sept 1854 –


John Minshull Drake died at Dinapore
5th July 1861

Alice Drake married 6th Novr 1861 Capn Robert
Stevenson Moseley of Bengal Army

Lucy Drake Married 15 Jany 1863 Charles Fletcher
of 49 Gloucester Road, Regents Park, London
and died at Ealing 24th May 1921 and was buried at Kensal Green

Dennys Drake married 15 June 1871 Sarah McLean West

Reginald Drake married.        187

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16 Bible Insert 03

A Morning Prayer

O Lord God Almighty, The Father protector and friend of all

thy Creatures, we would humbly draw nigh unto thee, to offer our unfeigned, tho

we know they must be imperfect thanks, for thy gracious preservation

of us during the defenceless time of repose while so many of thy

better and more deserving Creatures, have either slept the sleep of

Death, or have been disturbed by innumerable incidents from which

thy goodness has kept us free, oh enable us we beseech thee to

profit by the renewed opportunity thou has given us of spending

another Day in thy service, may we always set thee before us

in all our ways, and may we never undervalue anything which

we dare not beg of thee to prosper – enable us of thy great

mercy to be sincere in Heart and uncorrupted before thee, may we

heartily endeavour to be usefull to all around us, and always bear in

mind, that however we may be prevented from joining in the

active scenes of life, yet that we always have it in our power to

promote each others happiness, by kindness, gentleness and

affectionate manners, may that precept of our blessed Lord, do ye

unto others, as ye would wish them to do unto you, be always be

deeply impressed on our Hearts, and have a constant influence

on our lives, we offer thee our humble prayers & praises unto

thee O Lord, in the name, & the  humble (tho imperfect) Disciples

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17 Bible Insert 04 of Jesus Christ our Saviour


An Evening Prayer

O thou eternal Author and preserver of the World be graciously

pleased to teach us to know thy Will, and to perform it, teach us

to love thee, to fear thee, enable us to restrain every selfish every

impatient every indolent feeling, to cultivate the virtues of resig-

nation, humility, piety, and self denial, charity and universal Benevo

lence, by our own efforts, we find we can do nothing [6 squiggle] vouchsafe

by thy divined assistance the regulation both of our understanding

and of understanding & our Hearts, diffuse through that Heart, every kind

affection, may gratitude, and submission to thee, and love to all

mankind, be constant inmates there and under their influence may it

be our uniform, and steady purpose, to endeavour to perform all the

duties of every Station thou seest fit for us, impressed with the

deepest sense of thy great goodness, in having permitted us to

be Born in a Christian Country, and to enjoy the immense and

invaluable privilege of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ thy

Son may we earnestly endeavour to follow his steps, may the same

mind be in us as dwelt in him, who came not to be ministered

unto but to minister and may we always bear in mind & make

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18 Bible Insert 05

          principles of our lives to follow his Commandments

in every circumstance and in every occasion of our lives, to do unto

others, as we would wish them to do unto us. Inspire us O God with

we fervently beseech thee with a thorough & perfect reliance, on thy

Superintending, overruling Providence, may we learn in whatever

state we are, therewith to be content, may no murmering, or repining

for Blessings or Advantages which thou seest fit to deny us, ever find

a place in our Hearts, or be ever heard from our lips, but may we

receive with humility, & thankfulness, all that thou graciously bestowist upon

us, and heartily resolve to make a proper use of all they mercies we

would humbly wish to recommend ourselves, & all that belong to us &

with whom we are in any degree connected, by the ties of relationship

or regards, to they fatherly love & good providence, but may this wish be

ever accompanied by the heartfelt conviction, that thou alone canst order

the affairs of thy creatures, and that all is ordered by they unlimited power

and goodness, and wisdom, to thee be all honor, and praise, now and

for ever – Amen –

these two prayers were written

at Plymouth, by Mary Welsford, in 1814

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19 Bible Insert 06

Phil Drake 1749

John Drake was Born the Eleventh day of December 1743

Philip Drake was Born the seventeenth day of Septembr  1745

William Drake was Born the Twenty seventh day of Jany 1748
and died the Seventh day of April following –

William Drake was Born the Twenty eight day of
August 1750 & Died the 2nd of April 1807

Thomas Drake was Born the Seventh day of July

Thomas Drake Died May the 8th 1797

Jno Drake Died Decbr 26th 1797 & was Burried at Withecombe
Rawleigh, Devon, in the Chancel, Decbr 30th

Philip Drake died June the 20th 1760 & was
buried the 25th

John Drake was married October the Twelvth 1768 to Sarah Chadder
their issue are as follows, Sarah Drake was Born the Twenty Ninth day of
April 1772, Quarter an Hour after three oclock in the afternoon

Mary Honoria Drake, was Born Jany ye 13th 1774 at 7 oclock pm

Elizabeth Filmore Drake was Born Jany ye 13th 1776 at
half past one in the afternoon, William Hobbs Drake was born
… 19th 17 [Illegible]

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20 Bible Insert 07

Godfather to Sarah Drake Thomas Hill Esqre  Godmothers
Mrs Ann Hobbs of Topsham & Miss Elizth Filmore, [damaged]
Do to Mary Honoria,  Mr Thos Hobbs  Mrs Sarah Hobbs Cottes [obscured]
& Miss Eleanor Pearse of Exmouth
Do to Elizth Filmore, Capt Richd Dawes, Mrs Barclay
& Miss Baker Exmt, Do to William Hobbs, Mr Charles
Lympkin of the Devizes, & Mr Genr William Hobbs of Topsham
Mrs Dorothy Marshall – Do to Jno Edward Iliff Esq
Mr Thos  Drake of Honiton – Miss Charlotte Fouckes, Exmouth

John Drake was Born Novr 11th 1782 at 8 o’clock in [under tape]

Edward Drake was Born Jany ye 14th 1786 Six o’clock
in the Eveng

Sarah Drake Married March ye 5th 1792 to Mr
White [illegible daughter(?)] Charlotte Born Decr ye [under tape 6th 1792]
Willm Drake their Son Born May ye 17th                               1794
Emily their Daughter Born May 30th                                     1795
Louisa Harriet their Daughter Born July 9th                             1796
George Adams their Son Born May 21st                               1798
Maria Caroline their Daughter Augst 17th                             1799
Sarah Anne their Daughter April 30th                                   1801
Matthew, their Son Born Augst 12th                                      1802
Henry Agar, their Son Born Decbr 29th                                 1803
Eleanor Sophia their Daughter Born June 21st                    1805
Charles Edward Born Sept 30th                                             1806
Augusta Matilda Born Decbr 11th                                          1808
Daniel Born June 21st                                                             1810

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21 Bible Insert 08

Mary Honoria Drake Died Wednesday Feby 5 17 [obscured]
After nine o’clock at Night & was Buried at Withecombe
Monday ye 8th – Elizabeth Filmore Drake Died Decbr 1
1780 Friday morng three oclock & was Buried at Withecombe
Church Monday ye 4th.  Edward Drake Died Saturday
Ye 19th of August 1786 & was Buried at Withecombe
Church Satty ye 26th

George Adams White Died ye 13th of Jany 1802 at 7 oclock in ye
morng of a Wednesday & was Buried ye Wednesday following at
St Lukes

[section with John Drake repeatedly written large]

John Drake Died Decbr 26th 1797 and was Buried
at Withecombe Church the 31st

Thos Drake Died in London May the 8th 1797

[overwritten in different hand] J Drake

William Hobbs Drake,
Died at Madras August 29th 1803 at 8 o’clock in the mor
ning    [Different hand and pen] Sarah Drake died 3rd September 1830 –
in Everett Street – Parish of St Georges Bloomsbury
and was buried in the Burial Ground of that Parish

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22 Bible Insert 09

Jno Drake was Married at St Georges Bloomsbury
London, to Maria Story Decbr 7th 1805. Their issue was as follows –

Jno Minshull Drake their Son was Born at Sandgate Kent –
May 31st 1807

William Drake their Son Born at Brighton Jany 29th 1809. &
Died there, April the 11th

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23 Bible Insert 10


John Drake was Married at Bloomsbury Church London
Decbr 7th 1805 to Maria Story – – their issue are as follows –

John Minshull Drake Born at Sandgate Kent, May 31st 1807 –

Wm Henry their Son born at Brighton Jany  29th 1809 & Died there
April 11th

Wm Henry Drake born at Coimbra in Portugal 29th Septr 1812

Caroline Drake born in London June 12th 1816

Charlotte Augusta Drake born in London April 30th 1818

Maria Harriet Drake born at Hampstead Jany 17th 1821.

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25 Bible Insert 12

                                     was married at Bloomsbury Church London

                                         1805 to Maria Story, their issue are as follows

                                            Born at Sandgate, Kent May 31st 1807 –

                                  e Born at Brighton. January 29th 1809 – &

                              re 11th of April following

                     Drake Born at Coimbra in Portugal Sept 29th 1812

             … commonly called Henry Drake

Caroline Drake Born in Great Coram St London May 13th  June 12th 1816



Born at No 34 Percy Street
Bedford Square, Thursday
30th April 1818 at 20 minutes
before 3. In the morning

Caroline, and Charlotte Augusta, Drake
were Christened at the Parish Church
of Saint George’s Bloomsbury, on the

           day of                                1818. –

Sponsors – Charlotte Augusta,


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26 Bible Back 01

Phil Drake 1749 –

John Drake was Born the Eleventh day of December 1743 –

Philip Drake was Born the Seventh day of September 1746

William Drake was Born the Twenty seventh day of Jany 1748
and Died the seventh day of April following –

William Drake was Born the Twenty eigth of August 1750
and died the Second day of April 1807 –

Thomas Drake was Born the Seventh day of July 1752
and died May the 8th 1797 –

John Drake died December the Twenty sixth 1797 and
was Buried at Withecombe Rawleigh Church in the Chan:
-cel, December 30th 

Philip Drake. Father of the above died June the 20th  1760
& was Buried the 25th in Littleham Church.

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27 Bible Back 02

         John Drake was Married October the Twelvth 1768
to Sarah Chadder of Totnes, their issue are as follows –

Sarah Drake was Born the Twenty ninth of April        1772

Mary Honoria Drake Drake was Born Jany the 13th    1774

Elizabeth Filmore Drake was Born JanY the 13th         1776

William Hobbs Drake was Born April the 19th            1779

†John Drake was Born Novr 11th                                  1782

Edward Drake was Born Jany 14th                                1786

Mary Honoria Drake Died Feby 3d 1779
& was Buried at Withecombe Church Feby the Eighth

Elizabeth Filmore Drake Died Decbr 1st 1780 & was Buried
the 4th

Edward Drake died August 19th 1786 & was Buried the 26th

William Hobbs Drake. Died at Madras August 29th 1803

Sarah White Died Sept 5th 1828 – was buried
(Sarah DrakeWhite) at Beckenham – Kent.

Sarah Drake the above named Sarah
Chadder, died at No. 28 Everett Street,
Russell Square London, on the      October
1830, and was buried in the Parish
Burying Ground of Saint Georges Bloomsbury

Matthew White died at Plymouth March 11th
1840 and was buried there –

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29 Bible Back 04

Sarah Drake was Married the 5th of March 1792 to Matthew White of
London at Withecombe Rawleigh Chaple Exmouth Devon –

their issue are as follows –

Charlotte White Born December the Sixth – –                     1792

William Drake White Born May the 17th – –                         1794

Emily White Born May 30th – –                                              1795

Louisa Harriet White Born July 9th – –                                   1796

George Adams White Born May 21st – –                               1798

Maria Caroline White Born August 17th – –                          1799

Sarah Anne White Born April 30th – –                                    1801

Matthew White Born Augst 12th – –                                       1802

Henry Agar White Born Decbr 29th – –                                  1803

Eleanor Sophia White Born June 21st – –                              1805

Charles Edward White Born Sept 30th – –                             1806

Augusta Matilda White Born Decbr 11th – –                          1808

Daniel White Born June 21st – –                                             1810

Matilda White Born October 3– –                                       1811

Edward Marshall White Born Novbr 15th – –                        1812

Frederick James White Born Decembr 8th – –                       1813

Arthur White Born Born Sept 7th – –                                     1819

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30 Bible Back 05

† John Drake ^born in Nov 1782 died June 24th 1867 – at 27 Park Village East,
Regents Park, London, and was buried in the New
Cemetery at Highgate –

Maria, his wife died Feby 13th 1876 at 3 (late 27) Park Village East
& was buried in the same grave –

Wm Henry Drake (KCB) died January 1882 & was
buried at Kensal Green

Charlotte Augusta Drake died at 83 Gordon Road
Ealing on 18th May 1905 aged 87 – & was buried
in Highgate Cemetery in same grave as her
Father & Mother John & Maria Drake –

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31 Bible Back 06

George Adams White Died Decbr 13th January 1802
& was Buried at St Lukes Church, London –

Matilda White Died Jany 30th 1812 & was Buried at St Annes Westmin
ster –

Eleanor Sophia White died at Sydenham July
23rd 1840 and was buried at Beckenham Kent

Matthew White, died 3rd March 1842
at Ahmedabad in the East Indies,
a Captain in the 18th Madras Native
Infantry –

Charles Edward White died 16 Septr 1850 at Brighton
and was buried in the Cemetery there – Captain in the
4th Bengal Light Cavalry –

Sarah Anne White died at Brighton Decr 6th 1866

William Drake White died at Brighton May 29th 1867 –

Emily White died

Charlotte White died December 26th 1875 at Brighton

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32 Bible Back 07

Caroline daughter of John & Maria Drake
was married to Bernard Manning Browne
son of Tobias Browne of Ashley House near Liverton
at Littleham Church Exmouth on the 26th
January 1836 –

Charles William their Son was born at
Chudleigh 6th November 1837 and Christened
there on the 5th December following –

Godfathers William Drake White Esquire of
London – and Charles William Lennox Dickson
Lieutenant in the Army resident at Orizava
Hall near Chudleigh –

Emily Charlotte their daughter born at Chudleigh
March 31st 1840 and died there the 8th June following –

Emily Charlotte their third child born at Chudleigh
May 1st 1841 –

Maria Caroline born at Chudleigh March 1st 1843 –

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33 Bible Back 08

John Minshull Drake was married on the 22nd
May 1838 in St Leonards Church, Exeter to Caroline
Grimes daughter (youngest) of the late Captain
George Grimes of the Royal Artillery –

Alfred Edwin their son born at Delhi East Indies
August 19th 1840 – Christened there by Dr Wilson
Lord Bishop of Calcutta on the 14th October following
and died August 7th 1841 – (at Delhi) –

Alice their daughter born at Delhi August
20th 1841 Christened there September 20th following

Lucy, born at Barrackpore 21st April 1843 –

Reginald born at Berhampore 16th June 1844 –

Dennys, born at Lucknow 25th April 1846 –

Caroline – wife of John Minshull Drake died
at Landour, in the East Indies on the 3rd April 1848

John Minshull Drake married secondly
Margaret McLean Dring, widow of Lieut Dring
& daughter of  – Todd

Their issue are as follows.

Emlyn Augusta Born May 1st 1851

Edith Maria Born Sept 23 1854 –

John Minshull Drake died at Dinapore in Bengal
6th July 1861. – Lieutenant Colonel –

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1.  Caroline was born in Dublin as noted by John Minshull Drake in his diary where he recorded that, “I was married at St. Leonard’s Church, Exeter by the Revd Houlditch, to Caroline, B. 10 Nov 1812 – at Dublin daughter of Captain. Grimes R.H.A.”

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  • I’m so pleased to have chanced on this. Thank you! I have been starting to untangle my old sketched out family trees and what I can find online and the bible information promises to answer a lot of the questions. I am a descendant of John Minshull Drake via his son Dennys who was my mother’s grandfather.

    • Hello, Sarah. I am quite excited to see that you’re a descendant of John Minshull Drake as so am I! His daughter Lucy Fletcher, née Drake, was my mother’s father’s mother i.e. my maternal paternal great-grandmother. I note you mention having lots of family trees, so I presume you’re an ‘old hand’ at ‘Drake’ research – as am I … most of my mainstream research on this line was done a good many years ago, but I still keep finding interesting new snippets. Most of the names in this Bible, whose existence I became aware of over 10 years ago, are familiar to me. Would you be interested in comparing notes on matters of mutual ‘Drake’ interest to see if you and I can fill gaps in each other’s knowledge? I have a lot of documentary material and charts, but these days I am on the lookout more for old family photos and/or other memorabilia. If you’d like to take up my offer we’d need to find a way to communicate more directly, I think. I’ll wait to hear from you! ’Bye for now. Alan.

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