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The greyed out levels don’t produce a chart because we do not know who all their children were. We are sure that they are the parents of the next level down.

Drake Marshall Benthall Ayliff
Level 1D
Philip Drake ( -1760)
Level 1B
William Bentall (1662-1726)
Mary Saygon (1665-1724)
Level 2D
Dr. John Drake (1743-1797)
Sarah Chadder (1743-1830):2C
Level 2M
Rev. William Marshall (1676-1757)
Mary Kitson (1702-1786)
Level 2B
John Bentall (1690-1750)
Elizabeth Thornton (1709-1783)
Level 3D
C.G. John Drake (1782-1867)
Maria Story (1783-1876)
Level 3Ma
Rev. John Marshall (1728-1799)
Mary Hawtrey (1743-1807)
Level 3B
William Bentall (1736-1811)
Grace Searle (1743-1802)
Level 3A
Jonathan Ayliff (1775-1831)
Esther Rathom (1770-1834)
Level 3Mb
Dr. William Marshall (1737-1808)
Dorothy Chadder (1742-1828):2C
Level 4Da
Sir William Henry Drake (1812-1882)
Louisa Purkis (1814-1862)
Level 4Ma
Dr. Richard Marshall (1776-1859):3Mb
Jane Farwell (1777-1815)
Level 4Ba
William Searle Benthall (1778-1854)
Mary Ann Marshall (1780-1866):3Mb
Level 4A
Rev. John Ayliff (1797-1862)
Jane Catherine Dold (1799-1889)
Level 4Db
Sir William Henry Drake (1812-1882)
Elizabeth Lucy Wood (1841-1921)
Level 4Mb
William Marshall (1780-1828):3Ma
Louisa Bentall (1783-1823):3B
Level 4Bb
Elizabeth Benthall (1779-1848)
Lt. Samuel Adams (1769-1842)
Level 5Ma
William Marshall (1812-1901):4Mb
Rebecca Oliver (1817-1878)
Level 5Mb
Charles Henry Marshall (1818-1874):4Mb
Charlotte Augusta Dring Drake (1838-1922):4Da
Level 5A
Hon. Jonathan Ayliff (1829-1885)
Susannah Martha Wood (1834-1890)
Level 6A
Edwin Horace Samuel Ayliff (1859-1933)
Charlotte Louisa Marshall (1859-1937):5Mb

Level 1C
William Chadder ( -1727)
Level 2C
Dr. William Chadder (1706-1763)
Elizabeth Wise (1706-1750)